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Specialties (General Introduction to Caliber-oriented Education to Success)
Pubdate:2016-11-26  Times:
Wuchang University of Technology initiated the Caliber- oriented Education to Success — a brand new caliber-oriented educational concept and talent training mode, with the construction of four subordinate modes: Three Dimensional Personnel Training Mode, Holographic Education Mode, Cultivating/Internalizing/Innovating Teaching Mode, Autonomous Learning Mode and Caliber Credit System Evaluating Mode.
Holographic Education Mode—the aim is to bring up qualified builders and reliable successors of the socialist cause by means of entire personnel education, all-aspect education and whole-process education.
Cultivating/Internalizing/Innovating Teaching Mode—the aim is to facilitate students’ internalization with the cultivating of teachers, fully promoting students’ calibers in thinking, morality, knowledge, ability, body and mind.
Autonomous Learning Mode—the aim is to foster autonomous learning in students so as to continuously elevate their calibers by means of supervising the students in the following aspects: Three Masters (master basic theory、basic knowledge and basic skills), Three Requirements (requirements to internalize, to practice and to innovate), Three Exercises( previewing exercises、reviewing exercises and after-class exercises) , Three Questions(in each unit every student is required to ask three questions that they don’t understand, can’t solve or challenge ), Three mores(more reading, more practicing and more friends making), and Three introspections ( introspection in ideas and beliefs, introspection in ideology and morality and introspection in civilized behavior)
Caliber Credit System Evaluating Mode—the aim is to promoting the success of students in morality, education and career by means of executing caliber-oriented education through Caliber Credit System.