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School of Continuing Education
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The School of Continuing Education is an important part of higher education in our university. Relying on the strong faculty force, a wide range of disciplines, complete infrastructure advantages of the university, the school has formed multi-level and multi-form non-degree continuing education mode for vocational qualification certificate training, social occupation qualification exam training, Mandarin Proficiency Test, and industry and enterprise management
The school is striving for innovate its administrative system and operative system. By combining with the concept of caliber-oriented education to success, and through a lot of market research, our school explores new educational ideas and expands education-running potential. It has set up the “National Occupation Skill Appraisal Institute” and “Occupation Skill Training Center”. In 2012 it was identified as “Wuhan city occupation skill training (Entrepreneurship) designated institutions” by the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security approval.
    The school is making great efforts to introduce occupational skill training and skill appraisal into the campus. By integrating specialities and social demand for talents, it provides students with training on professional qualification examinations held by the ministry of human resources, teacher qualification examinations, foreign trade and tourism qualification examination, accounting and financial securities qualification examination, construction qualification examination, computer and English level test, health industry qualification, postgraduate admission examination and civil servants examination, SYB, Mandarin testing. By providing training and qualification test services, our school assists students to obtain qualification licenses, which enable students to promptly realize the conversion from students to professional roles, so that students can work on the strength of with their certificates. Thus this school materializes the seamless connection of formal program education, professional skill appraisal, pre-post training and successful employment.  
With the purpose of serving students, the school consistently adheres to being oriented toward market demand. Relying on high-quality teaching resources, it offers a “high level, high standard and high quality” of continuing education, aiming to create a unique brand of Wuchang Universtity of technology.
Website URL: http://jxjy.wut.edu.cn/
Tel: 027-81652184 (vocational training) 81652375 (recruitments counseling) 81652732 (Mandarin Proficiency Test)