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School of Non-specialized Caliber Education
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Founded in July 2006, the School of Non-specialized Caliber Education is a secondary school with a view to carrying out non-specialized Caliber Education and innovation and specialty quality education.
The school takes “moral education” as the fundamental task. With caliber tutors as backbone force, quality evaluation as assessment method, and the ideological and political theory course, quality education specialty courses and P.E. as basic teaching materials (“Caliber-oriented Education to Success”, “Cultivation of innovative quality”, “modern science and Outlook”, “learning”, “research methods” “introspection on success", etc.), the school mainly aims to cultivate students' ideological and moral quality, professional ability (organizational skills, leadership skills, coordination ability, expression ability, communication ability), innovation quality and specialty quality.
The school consists of the Ideological and Political Education Department, Special courses department, Department of physical education, quality department and other agencies. We have a sufficient, reasonable-structured and well-qualified teaching staff, of whom more than 60 are full-time teachers, over 80 quality supervisors. The task of teaching mainly includes four modules: compulsory courses for the Ministry of education, specialized courses, non professional elective courses and evaluation of the non professional self-study courses.
On the platforms of “Research Base on Humanities and Social Sciences”, “Hubei Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base”, the school molds students’ non-professional quality in accordance with the mode of “laying a foundation in classroom, strengthening practical training, expansion and upgrading, internal quality, successful demonstration”. Meanwhile, the school actively explores the teaching reform to constantly improve the quality of students, which achieves remarkable progress. The employment rate of graduates is more than 92% consecutive years. The 2013-year graduates’ employment rate ranked the fourth among provincial universities. In 2014 and 2015, the graduates’ employment rates ranked the first among provincial universities; The domestic and overseas postgraduates at home and abroad and civil servants admission rate is above18%. Nearly 30% of the graduates work in the world top 500 enterprises and domestic large enterprises. A total of 3400 students are admitted in the well-known domestic and foreign universities. It is popular for students to have their own business. Nearly 300 graduates own assets of more than RMB10 million and some of them own assets exceeding tens of millions or billions of yuan. In 2015, more than 1300 students won all kinds of competition awards at provincial and ministerial level and above, including in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the national mathematical modeling contest, the National College English contest, national college accounting information skills contest, National College of engineering calculation software contest and other important competitions; in 2015, our students published more than 310 academic papers and won more than 100 national patents. The personality of students are fully demonstrated, and “The national Three Good students”, “Campus Writers”, “Campus Inventors”, “Campus Calligrapher”, “Star of Innovation”, “Star of Venture” and “Star of Self-Improvement” are emerging in large numbers. The title of “Hubei College Students Entrepreneurial Demonstration Base” was conferred upon this school in 2014. The school is responsible for organizing the college students’ successful quality Festival. This festival is an important platform for showing students' successful quality, an effective way to improve the quality of college students, an important force to promote students to achieve academic success, employment success, entrepreneurial success and career success, an important carrier of the implementation of the three-dimensional culture model, an important educational and teaching activity. It is supported by students' professional quality, professional quality and special quality. The training object is to cultivate solid professional quality, excellent non-professional, outstanding innovative quality and specialty quality. Through quality evaluation and centralized display, the festival promotes talents and achievements, leading the students to the pursuit of excellence and success. In the form of the physical display, dynamic display, special display, the festival provides the comprehensive exhibition of the achievements from students' professional quality, nonprofessional quality and the special quality display: the opening ceremony of the festival is held annually in March. From April to May, outstanding achievements are selected from schools to take part in auction and university show. In June, the auction of outstanding achievements is held. At the beginning of September, in accordance with the 6 theme, the centralized display is held. In November the festival hold closing ceremony. Through years of efforts, the festival has developed into a bright spot in the school to promote the success of quality education and a brand to highlight the characteristics of running a school, to enhance the level of education and teaching, training of high-quality personnel.
Over the recent years, the school has strengthened scientific research. The teachers have published more than and 30papers on caliber-oriented education to success, undertaken 30 research projects at the provincial level or above, and compiled 26 textbooks and 18 books.
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