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School of International Education
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The School of International Education, directly subordinate to Wuchang University of Technology, undertakes the work of sending students studying abroad, teaching and managing foreign students, cooperating with overseas universities in teaching and research, overseas training of teaching personnel, etc. Up to now, the school has established inter-school cooperative relationship with more than and 20 universities in more than 10 countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, so as to provide direct services for paid internships as well as further study and tour abroad. The schools runs language training, international university preparatory courses, overseas postgraduate program, exchange students, 2+2 credit intercollegiate exchange and overseas paid internships, short-term learning and other international cooperation and training programs. It aims to create good opportunities to study abroad, introduce world-class overseas education resources and build a platform for overseas graduate or doctoral studies. In addition, the School of International Education is making efforts constantly to strengthen the enrollment and teaching of foreign students, with the foreign students studying here increasing steadily. The school established three branches in Osaka, Tokyo and Paris. 
With our cooperation projects, the students of our university enrolled through the national unified college admission, can not only greatly expand their international perspective and enrich colorful overseas life experience, but also obtain the diploma of the bachelor's degree from both overseas colleges in cooperation and Wuchang University of Technology. Whats more, they can go abroad and pursue a master's degree after graduation.
The School of International Education has language training class for studying abroad (non regular), for senior high school graduates who are interested in studying abroad. After 1-year study of language (English, Japanese, Korean) learning and part of the overseas credit courses, their language level can basically meet the requirements of foreign universities undergraduate admission. The School of International Education is responsible for recommending students to the universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and other major English speaking countries or Japan, South Korea universities in cooperation, and assisting students to handle procedures for studying abroad. Those students with excellent academic performance will also have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship or tuition waiver from foreign universities having cooperative relationship with our school. 
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Digital Media Art Design (joint training of domestic and overseas education)
2 years in China + 2 years in Japan
Bachelor Degree from the cooperated Japanese university
Tourism Management(joint training of domestic and overseas education)
2 years in China + 2 years in Japan
Bachelor Degree from the cooperated Japanese university
Study in Canada Class - Wuhan Sino-Canada Class (Optics Valley Campus)
1 year in China + 3 years abroad; 
2 years in China + 2 years abroad;
Half a year in China + 4 years abroad
Bachelor of Engineering