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School of Life Science
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School of Life Science is made up of Department of Food and Bioengineering, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Engineering and Department of Environmental Engineering. The school consists of 5 four-year programs in Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Pharmacy, Food Science and Engineering . It aims to cultivate senior practical talents who have solid specialized caliber, good non-specialized caliber and outstanding specialty caliber. At present, there are over 500 students.
The school is the first pilot schools on educational reform among other independent universities in Hubei province and takes the lead in recruiting postgraduates. It has a provincial key discipline “Bioengineering” and an approved provincial collaborative innovation center for Bio-peptide Diabetes Drug. Besides, this school is also approved as Bio-peptide Diabetes Drug Engineering Research Center in Hubei province, undertaking “ Comprehensive Reform on Specialties ”pilot project, provincial “Strategic Personnel Training Plan for Emerging Industries ”project, provincial outstanding young and middle-aged innovation team project in science and technology and etc.
There are 67 staff, including 48 teachers, 9 professors (3 with state council subsidy), 15 associate professors and 12 young teachers possessing a Doctor’s Degree. All young and middle-aged teachers have either a Master’s Degree or a Doctor’s Degree and 21 teachers possess the qualification of being a master instructor. Besides, 2 American experts, 1 “Chutian Scholar” and over 20 well-known experts have been introduced as distinguished professors.
With a architectural areaof nearly 10,000 square meters, the school has its own teaching and research buildings as well as 46 advanced and well-equipped laboratories whose total value is more than 12 million.
The school has established some practical training bases in a number of well-known pharmaceutical companies, biological products and environmental protection enterprises, hiring more than a hundred technical experts in enterprise as our internship tutors.
Some curriculum such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry Water Pollution Control Engineering have been approved as high-quality courses at either provincial level or school-level. Our school has been awarded  Teaching Achievement in Higher Institute of Hubei Province for several times.
The school has chaired and participated in more than 100 research projects approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, Science and Technology Hall of Hubei and our university. Over 400 academic papers written by our teachers have been published in domestic and foreign periodicals, of which nearly a hundred papers have been included by Three Indexes. Besides, teachers in our school have got more than 20 authorized patents, published around 10 National-level Planning Materials and been granted Science Progress Award of Hubei for several times.
Students in our school have been granted over 210 awards in national/ municipal professional competitions and scientific innovation activities. Even some students have been approved as National-level Merit Student, the Star of Chinese College Students on Self-improvement and Hubei Merit Student. The employment rate of its graduates has reached more than 92.56% over the past years. Over 30% of students have passed the examinations for postgraduates and the percentages have kept rising. Besides, nearly 30% of graduates have worked in large domestic enterprises, springing up a lot of high-paid groups and Stars of Business in recent years.
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Four years
Bachelor of Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Four years
Bachelor of Engineering
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Four years
Bachelor of Engineering
Four years
Bachelor of Science
Food Science and Engineering
Four years
Bachelor of Engineering