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Library (General Introduction)
Pubdate:2019-04-16  Times:
The library of Wuchang University of Technology, the center of literature information of the university, is an academic institution serving teaching and research, assisting education as well as information service, and it is also a vital place for teachers and students to study and research.
The library covers an area of 30,707 square meters with more than 1.56 million paper books, 20 thousand of which are one-volume edition of back issues. The university lays great emphasis on the documents of the library and has bought up to 100 thousand books annually since 2005, even up to 126 thousand in 2010. The students own more than 103 books on average and the library buys up to 10 books for each student. The library adopts the “ILASII document management system covering the fields of art, science, engineering, agriculture and medicine etc.. Books are distributed in reading rooms of social science, physical science, language, literature, computer, reference books and regulating books. The electronic resources include: CNKI, Wanfang Data, VIP, P-cloud, Qidian, TOFO etc, and more than 760,000 various e-books, providing firm documentary support for the teaching and research of the university.
The six-floor building, located at the foot of Meinan Mountain beside the Tangxun Lake, holds 3,585 seats. The first floor is the self-study room and compact shelving surrounded by  courtyard garden. The second floor holds the large stack room for language, literature, computer and English as well as a Multifunctional Lecture Hall that can play 3D films. The third floor has magazine reading room that collect thousands of newspapers of all sorts, a digital reading room with 339 19-inch LCD computers and a leisure coffee house. The fourth floor is equipped with stack room of social science books and reading room of reference books. The fifth floor holds stack room of physical science and a garden. The sixth floor has a grand lecture hall and roof garden. The library is furnished with central air-conditioning and escalators, providing comfortable and convenient warm learning environment for the students. The Touching Search Machine in the hall of the second floor and each stack rooms offer a convenient way for the readers to consult paper documents. The reading machine of People’s Daily and Hubei Daily and Chaoxing e-book borrowing machine provide more reading choices for the readers. In a word, it is a modern university library with abundant books in the grand building, combining borrowing, collecting and reading altogether.
The library now has 26 staff, 80% of whom own intermediate title. As a vigorous and ambitious united group, all the members follow the purpose of the library——”Readers First, Serving and Teaching”, and implement the idea of “All for readers, all for their convenience”. They actively publicize the resources in the library and conduct innovations, exerting themselves to practice the Caliber-oriented Education to Success, so they are highly spoken of by all the teachers and students.