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A Kazakh teacher of Wuchang University of Technology was invited to attend the a
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On April 28, President Xi Jinping presented the medal of friendship of the People's Republic of China to kazakhstan's first President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the golden hall of the great hall of the people. As a special guest, Ms. BULBUL MATAY, a Kazakh teacher from  Wuchang University of Technology(WUT), came to the great hall of the people to attend the ceremony together with more than 10 Kazakh  teachers working in China.

The medal of friendship of the People's Republic of China is China's highest national medal of honor for foreign countries. On the eve of this important meeting, BULBUL MATAY, was invited by the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China to participate in the awarding ceremony of the medal of friendship. BULBUL repeatedly appeared in the picture of CCTV news report.

BULBUL said she felt very honored to be invited to attend the ceremony in which the first President of Kazakhstan was awarded the medal of friendship by the Chinese leader. It is an experience she will never forget.  President Nazarbayev was a highly respected President and greatly loved by the Kazakh people. The Kazakh people are very willing to maintain friendly relations with the Chinese people, welcome and support the "One Belt And One Road" cooperation initiative put forward by the Chinese leader, President Xi. BULBUL hopes that she can contribute to the friendly exchanges between the two peoples.

According to Liu Xiaolu, director of the international cooperation and exchange department of WUT, BULBUL is a doctor of arts, employed as a foreign teacher and associate professor of WUT in 2018. She is responsible in class, welcome by the students with good teaching effect. Currently, WUT has enrolled many international students from "One Belt And One Road" countries, including nearly 50 Kazakh students.