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WUT Awards the “Principal’s Award” of 20,000 RMB to each of the gifted studen
Pubdate:2017-11-16  Times:


  On September the 20th, the list of 2017 yearly “Principal’s Award”of WUT came out. With an increasing level in bonus by a large margin, 5 students(or student teams) were rewarded 20,000 RMB each. These gifted students are terrific in the eyes of teachers, and have won prizes such as “Year 2016 Top 100 Entrepreneurial Heroes”, “Special Award for China Toy & Juvenile Products Design Contest”, and “ Golden Award of Provincial Level in China’s “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students” etc,.

  “these students are deserved for the honors and awards, I hope everyone can set up right values and outlook on life, grasp scientific ways of learning and keep pursuing excellence to achieve success”, said by the principal Prof. Zhao zuobin,” to pursue excellence means one needs to pursue perfection with grand and lofty ideas, people that muddles along with an easy satisfaction in life will not succeed for they don’t understand that the secret to succeed is pursuing excellence.”