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Opening Ceremony for the first “Elite Class” of Guangxin Business School——To
Pubdate:2017-11-16  Times:

In the afternoon on Sept. 18th, the first opening ceremony of Guangxin Business school was held in the recording studio on the 8th floor of School of Business.

In the ceremony President Prof. Zhao zuobin proclaimed the foundation of the elite class and gave congratulations to the recruited students. He introduced the class history, qualified faculties, teaching facilities of high quality as well as the specialty of the majors to the students. He expected that every freshman should foster a righteous and lofty idea, know well about the regulations and rules concerning the study, and they should learn to convert passive learning mode into active and investigative ones while combining reading, thinking with practicing together efficiently for the improving of their personal qualities and career competitiveness. Besides, President Zhao expected the students could always aim high and pursue excellence. He recommended the girls to make Dong mingzhu(an able woman who is the chairman of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai) as their personal idol while Ma Yun(an social elite, Chairman of Alibaba Group) to the boys. With a round of applause for President Zhao’s speech, the ceremony was completed successfully.

It’s reported that the elite class can concentrates on three class divisions of entrepreneurship, business management and Marketing. Through steps of written exam, basic skills test, physical test, interviews given by school teacher, leaders of the school and the enterprise group etc, eventually, 32 students of more than 100 candidates have been admitted to the elite class as the first students with honor.