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WUT Will Hold the Consulting Activity of Recruitment on June 25
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Zhongnan Online, June 21-----2016 enrollment plan of WUT was announced recently. This year the school will recruit students from 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the total number of the plan is 3970, including 3030 undergraduate students and 940 junior college students. The number of the plan in Hubei is 2837 (2047 undergraduate students and 790 junior college students).
The whole number of the majors of the school is 61, including 47 undergraduate majors (including different professional direction) and 14 junior college students majors, food science and engineering, pharmacy, radio and television playwright-director are new majors for the undergraduate programs of the school this year.
The enrollment code of the school in Hubei province is 2118, admissions code of other provinces will be subject to the local Student Admissions Department, the school will select students according to the marks they get and the provincial admission principle.
On June 25, WUT will hold the Consulting Activity of Recruitment and Campus Opening Day, student volunteers will give 1 to 1 guide service, there is a consultation spot on the second floor of the library, and the specialized teachers will be arranged to answer all kinds of questions of examinees and parents.
Wuchang University of Technology (WUT) is a private university for higher education approved by the Ministry of Education. After twenty years of development, it has become multi-disciplinary in harmonious development where management and engineering are core disciplines.WUT has won various prizes, such as "China's Top 100 Universities in Graduates' Employment Competitiveness", "China’s Top Ten Competitive Brand in Private Universities", "China's Top Private Universities in Comprehensive Strength", "China's Top Ten Private Universities in Influence" and so on.