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WUT Hold 2016 Classroom Teaching Contest of Young Teachers
Pubdate:2016-06-08  Times:
Zhongnan Online-----In the afternoon of June 3, 2016 Classroom Teaching Contest Finals of Young Teachers was held in the Broadcast Laboratory of Business School of WUT. The deputy secretary of the School Party Committee and the principal assistant Professor He Xingliang, the principal assistant Yang Lun, the chief of the School Administration Office Department Li Jizong, the whole teaching vice-presidents of each institute and the whole teaching supervisors attended this event, more than 100 teachers watched the Finals.
This competition is divided into two stages: the preliminary contest and the finals, the preliminary contest was held by each institute, all the young teachers of the school attended the preliminary contest.
During the Contest, the judges carried on the comparison from the four aspects: teaching contents, teaching organizations, language expressions and teaching effects, the first two items were the key points of the comparison. After the fierce competition, Li Qiang, who was from the school of nursing, won the first prize.

The chief of the School Administration Office Department Li Jizong said, the Classroom Teaching Contest obtained a very good effect, which is of great significance for young teachers, the school will adhere to hold the teaching contest every two years in the school range of young teachers, and promote the continuous innovation and further development of teaching contests.