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Professor Zhao Zuobin(Principal of Wuchang University of Technology) Invited to
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Invited by the vice-president of Kenya William Routot, Professor Zhao Zuobin (Chairman ofGuangxin Group of Technology & Education; Principal of Wuchang University of Technology), Zhang Tangjun (Executive Vice President of Guangxin Group of Technology & Education), Professor Peng Yuanjie (Assistant Principal of Wuchang University of Technology ) and Yang Zhen( Director of Wuchang University of Technology’s Office in Kenya) visited Kenya from April 25th to 30th. They negotiated friendly about cooperation of higher education items in Kenya and signed cooperative agreement. For example, Wuchang University of Technology will work on the projects of overseas students from Kenya and Africa.

The vice-president of Kenya cordially received the visiting group of Professor Zhao Zuobin and they conducted friendly in-depth talk, during which Professor Zhao introduced to the vice-president the basic situation of Wuchang University of Technology. The vice-president highly recognized the university and browsed its picture album with head nodding frequently. Subsequently, the two parties negotiated on cooperation of significant projects and signed intentional agreement. Reportedly, Professor Zhao’s visiting group conducted an investigation in Kenya by the private plane of the vice-president.