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The Establishment Ceremony of Wuchang University of Technology Japanese Alumni A
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As a private university, Wuchang University of Technology has founded more than 10 Alumni Associations over a year, including one abroad. On Feb.23rd, the establishment ceremony of Japanese Alumni Association, Wuchang University of Technology was held in Osaka, Japan. It is said that this is the first overseas Alumni Association of private universities in Hubei.


“There are up to one hundred alumni in Japan, so establishing the Alumni Association is meeting their requirements, and it is also a remarkable event in the development history of our university.” Said Wang Haitao, the deputy Party secretary and Secretary-general of Alumni Association, who just finished the trip to Japan for the establishment ceremony. When interviewedyesterday, he said: “ Alumni are precious treasure of the Alma Mater, so the Alumni Association, as a great platform, is expected to fully play its linking role, strengthen communication and cooperation with the alumni and explore their resources, thus facilitate the development of our university.”


More than 20 Japanese alumni representatives participated in the ceremony. The honored guests present include: the Chairman and Principal of Japan-Chinese Culture and Art Special School Zhang Yongsheng, and vice-principals; the Head of Chinese TV Station-The Sound of Dragon. Wang Haitao( the deputy Party secretary and Secretary-general of Alumni Association), Lu Jiangbin(the Dean of School of International Education)and its Vice-PresidentTian Fakuan went to Japan specially for the ceremony.


Mao Yan, an alumna of Grade2008 was elected as the President of the Japanese Alumni Association, Jin sufen and Xiong Cheng the Vice-president, Lai Huijuang the Secretary-general, Yang Gan and Chen Chen the Vice-Secretary-general.  27-year-old Mao Yan is currently the Director and General Manager of Japan-China Culture Travel Center, General Manager of Japan-China Culture International Spring Hotel, Deputy Minister of General Affairs Department of Japan-China Culture and Art Special School, and she is in charge of several companies in Japan.


“I am really grateful to my Alma Mater for her hard training. Though we are abroad, we will never forget her kindness.” Mao Yan said that it was the overseas experience project she joined in third college year that gave her the chance to work in Japan and possess a career of her own with great efforts. The alumni introduced their circumstances one by one and they highly praised the great achievements of their Alma Mater. They recalled their journey inward in university and expressed gratitude for the teaching of Alma Mater. The alumni also performed entertainment programs for everyone.


The Launch Ceremony for the memoir Midsummer Memories of overseas students to Japan was held in the establishment ceremony. And the book was given to the alumni as presents by the Chairman and Principal of Japanese-Chinese Culture and Art Special School Zhang Yongsheng. Wang Haitao, Deputy Party Secretary of Wuchang University of Technology, bestowed elaborate alumni cards to Japanese alumni, with which they can enjoy various benefits of entrepreneurs run by the Japanese alumni. Secretary Wang sent the Principal Zhao Zuobin’s greetings to Japanese alumni, and he congratulated the establishment of Japanese Alumni Association on behalf of the Principal and all the teachers and students. He said that it was not easy for the alumni to leave families and travel abroad to Japan for career development, and it was a great honor for the university that everyone had made great achievements in their respective fields. He had three wishes for all the alumni: firstly, he hoped that the Japanese Alumni Association would become an important platform of career development in Japan for the students of our university; secondly, he hoped that the Japanese alumni would work hard and diligently for constant improvement and win honor for the university and the motherland; thirdly, he  hoped that the Japanese alumni would be committed to the university and motherland and become the messenger of the friendship between China and Japan.


“Not long since, we sought truth at the root of the Meinan Mountain; we dined in the same canteen; we lived in the same dormitory for four years. Now, we are apart from each other, however, we have a common home that we will never forget—Wuchang University of Technology. I hope that our Associations could be an ornament to our university and contribute ideas and exert efforts for her development.” Alumni Associations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Wuhan and Jiangsu all sent congratulation letters for the establishment of Japanese Alumni Association. The letter from Jiangsu Association wrote: “Japan lies off the coast of Jiangsu. Some Jiangsu alumni also hope to explore the market in Japan, so there will be closer relationship between the members of our two associations. I am convinced that the establishment of Alumni Associations will contribute to the growth of their friendship. Jiangsu Alumni Association will do its utmost to support the development of Japanese Alumni Association. We will provide every help we can and build a bridge for the relationship of the alumni. Congratulations again!” The letter from Guangdong Association wrote: “The establishment of Japanese Alumni Association is a bond connecting the alumni, university and Japan, and it is also a platform for the communication of alumni, their common development and exchange in Japan. We are firmly convinced that the establishment of the Japanese Alumni Association will greatly strengthen the relationship and the cohesion among the alumni in Japan, as well as boost the common improvement of alumni and our university. ”


The extent to which the alumni resources are utilized is a significant measurement of the quality of a private university, and it is also one of the great forces contributing to its sustainable development. Since the establishment 19 years ago, Wuchang University of Technology has cultivated 42.6 thousand outstanding students who are scattered around the world. Now there is a great number of successful alumni, with many of them becoming the backbone at work and some starting a business of their own.How can a blade of grass return the favor of the spring sun? Students around the world will never forget the kindness of the Alma Mater. In recent years, the university has founded 13 Alumni Associations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang etc, which have become a communicative platform for the alumni to assist each other, promote communication and friendship, share resources, cooperate in setting up business and benefit mutually. They will also promote the development of the university and become the homeland of all the alumni.