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An Introduction to Overseas Studying Programs of Wuchang University of Technolog
Pubdate:2016-11-26  Times:
The School of International Education, affiliated to Wuchang University of Technology, is responsible for overseas study of all the students in the university as well as teaching and administration of overseas students in WUT. In the meantime, the School is also carrying out teaching and research cooperation, and overseas training for teachers with overseas cooperative universities. The School has established interschool cooperative relationship with more than 20 universities from more than 10 countries such as America, Great Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and India and so on, thus providing opportunities for students’ further study, paid internship, study tour and employment abroad. The international cooperation and training projects are as follows: language training for studying abroad, preparatory courses for international universities, overseas postgraduate training, exchange students, interschool communication of mutual recognition of 2+2 credits, overseas paid internship, short-term study tour etc., All these projects provide great opportunities for students to study abroad , introduce first class educational resources around the world as well as construct a platform for the students to attend overseas graduate school or even go on to Doctor’s Degrees. In the meantime, the School of International Education also puts emphasis on the recruitment and teaching of international students in WUT. Up to 100 international students from Pakistan, Ghana, India, Nepal, Yemen etc. will study and live in WUT, which makes our university the first private higher learning institution for large-scale recruiting of international students in Hubei Province. The School has made the international idea of the university practicable with the establishment of three overseas branches in Osaka, Tokyo and Paris one after another.