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Notice about Adjusting the Class Schedual
Pubdate:2013-11-14  Times:

All school Units, organ and departments:

Because transportation construction in Wuhan is at its peak, the road condition is poor. So far several incidents have arisen that teaching was affected due to the school buses’ being late resulted from traffic jams. In order to ensure the normal operation of teaching, the school decides to make appropriate adjustments to the winter timetable and it is supposed to be enforced from November 11. Please inform all the faculty, students and staff.

Attachment: Winter Timetable

     President Office 
   November 7, 2013

Winter Timetable of WUT
(Being enforced from November 11, 2013)
Getting Up 6:00
Early Reading 6:30—7:10
Breakfast 7:20—7:50
Preparation 8:20

The 1st Class 8:30—9:15
The 2nd class 9:20—10:05
Setting-up Exercises During the Break 10:05—10:25
The 3rd Class 10:25—11:10
The 4th Class 11:15—12:00

Lunch and Siesta 12:00—13:20

Preparation 13:20
The 5th Class 13:30—14:15
The 6th Class 14:20—15:05
The 7th Class 15:25—16:10
The 8th Class 16:15—17:00
Dinner 17:30
Preparation 19:20
Late Exercises 19:30—21:00
Sleeping 22:00
Putting out the Lights 23:00

Office Hours: 8:20a.m.—12:00a.m. 1:20p.m.—5:00p.m.
(Remark: On the afternoon of Friday, office hours starts from 13:00 to 16:30)

(Editor: Qin Qin