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Library Notice for Closing in Advance
Pubdate:2012-05-28  Times:

各位读者:Dear readers:

根据学校的工作要求,图书馆在期末时将开展全馆图书的清点工作。 According to the requirements of the university, the library will take account of the whole books at the end of this semester. Moreover,此项工作须闭馆状态下操作,为此图书馆书库二、四、五楼阅览室本学期将提前至615日闭馆,各位读者须在615日之前办理完图书的借阅及续借手续。 this work has to be done under the closed state. Therefore, the reading rooms on the second, fourth and fifth floor will be closed in advance from June 15. All the readers must finish the borrowing and renewing before June 15

由此给各位读者带来的不便,敬请谅解! Please understand the inconvenience.



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