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Brief Introduction to WUT
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 The only private university to independently launch a pilot comprehensive project on national educational reform.
 The only private university to possess the key research base on Humanities and Social Sciences-- “Caliber Education Research
The only private university to win the second prize of the 6th National Teaching Achievement
The only private university to win the Outstanding Achievement Award of the 7th National Scientific Research of Higher Education Institution (Humanities and Social Sciences)
The employment rate of its graduates was ranked No. 1 among all provincial universities in Hubei Province in both 2014 and 2015.
The first private university in Hubei to offer master’s degree and double degree 
The university to possess a provincial collaborative innovation center of Hubei (First “2011 Plan” programs in Hubei)
●The first “Pilot Schools” of Reform among national private universities
●The only private university which has overseas branch
I. About WUT
Wuchang University of Technology (WUT) is a private university for higher education approved by the Ministry of Education. After about twenty years of development, it has become prestigious and multidisciplinary in harmonious development where engineering and  management are core disciplines. Situated in "Optics Valley of China" in the southeastern part of Wuhan, Hubei Province of Central China, WUT covers an area of about 233 acres with architectural area of over 400,000 square meters (about 100 acres). WUT is so picturesque that it is known as one of the top ten beautiful campuses with lake in China. It lies at the foothill of Mt. Meinan, which is surrounded by Tangxun Lake from three side. The European-styled buildings nestle among the trees. Therefore, it is known as the largest lake in Chinese cities.
WUT has eleven schools --School of Life Science, School of Information Engineering, School of Urban Construction, School of Business, School of Law, Literature and Foreign Languages, School of Art Design, School of Music and Media, School of Nursing, School of Non-specialized Caliber Education, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education. WUT has established altogether 68 disciplines (4-year programs or 3-year programs) involved in the fields of science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, law, medicine, farming and arts.  At present, there are over 15,000 students including about 100 overseas students.
II. School-running Conditions
WUT possesses excellent teaching and learning infrastructures. Each school is individually housed and fully equipped, such as multimedia classrooms and language labs, meeting or exceeding the per-student-requirements by the Ministry of Education. The University's information technology ranks top private universities in China.
The faculty is among the top universities of its kind. At present, there is a total teaching and management staff of more than 1, 000 in the university, among whom 700 are teachers ---- 138 professors, 186 associate professors, 46 doctoral supervisors, 87 Master’s supervisors, 12 state-level experts and over 10 foreign specialists.
WUT is equipped with a top-ranking library here. Covering an area of 35,200 square meters, the library enjoys an agreeable learning environment and advanced facilities. Now, there are more than 1,400,000 volumes, more than 1,500,000 volumes of e-books, over 1,400 domestic and foreign newspapers and periodicals in the library.
There are 138 specialized laboratories in the university, which can offer 2810 experiment items for almost all disciplines.  There are also 181 stable training bases on or off the campus.
WUT possesses complete security system and full service facilities, including the center for academic exchange, a national standard stadium, a club, a gym center, a service center for students, a student activity center, a 3D cinema, standard apartments and dining halls for students, financial services network, a hospital and several supermarkets etc.
WUT has established more than 100 student associations and clubs which provide ideal platform for students to develop their competence and enhance their caliber. Among the associations and clubs are, the Students’ Psychological Association, the Investment and Securities Association, the Foreign Trade Oral English Association, the Mathematical Modeling Association, the SKY Model Airplane Association, the Japanese Club, the English  Translation association, Meinan Literary Association, the Speech and Eloquence Association, Crazy English Club, the Bridge Association, Japanese and Korean Club, China’s Traditional Culture Association, the Invention and Creation Club, Chunlei Zhumeng Volunteer Service Team, “Youth Health” Peers Association, V Volunteer Association, Zhouying. Yuanmeng Love-giving Club, FOD Dancing Club, the Fengpo Taekwondo Association, the Huoying Roller Skating Club, the Yixuan Ballroom Dancing Club and so on.
III.  Specialties
WUT has initiated “Caliber-oriented Education to Success”-- a brand new higher education philosophy and personnel training mode. It has won the second prize of the 6th National Teaching Achievement, the only private university among the winners. In 2010, it was listed as a pilot university on national reform of educational system by the State Council to undertake the pilot project of "Innovating the training mode of high quality talents in University”, the only university of its kind to launch a pilot comprehensive project on national educational reform. In 2015, the Theory and Practice on College Quality Credit System” innovated by WUT won the third prize of the Outstanding Achievement of the 7th National Scientific Research of Higher Education Institution (Humanities and Social Sciences). WUT was the only private university to win the award in the field of educational studies.
Specialized by the philosophy of Caliber-oriented Education to Success, WUT is committed to training high-caliber personnel wih sound specialized caliber, solid non-specialized caliber, striking individual strength, and strong innovative ability, trying to help students achieve academic success and employment success, and thus to pave the way for their success in business and career.
Owing to international development strategy, WUT is quite fruitful in international communication and cooperation. With over 20 universities in more than 10 countries like USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Italy, Japan, Korea, France, Singapore, Thailand, India and etc., WUT has established cooperative relationship with these universities. Moreover, it has established three overseas branch campuses respectively in Osaka, Tokyo, Japan, Paris and France. All these equip WUT with the ability to provide a full range of services for the students' paid internship as well as further study and tour and employment abroad.
IV. Teaching Achievements
WUT has made great achievements in high-caliber personnel training, and it towers above other private universities in education. The employment rate of its graduates has reached more than 92% over the past years. In 2013, it was ranked No. 4 among all provincial universities in Hubei Province and jumped to No. 1 in both 2014 and 2015. Over 18% of the seniors have passed the examinations for civil servants and postgraduate students. Nearly 30% of the graduates have worked in large domestic enterprises or in the top 500 companies around world. Up to now, a total of 3,600 WUT students have been admitted as postgradutes by domestic and overseas prestigious universities. It is common for WUT alumni to start their own business, among them about 300 successful alumni run the companies with the assets of over ¥10,000,000, some even having companies of one hundred million dollars. Among them, Weijian Lu's company "Asia Group" is a well-known listed company with the asset of over ¥350,000000. Li Xie was selected as the “College Person of the Year” in 2010 and awarded as “Youth Entrepreneurial Role Model” of Hubei. Beibei Zhu has won the fame on the Internet with her song “Being Rich Immediately” and now has become a famous singer and a composer of songs in mainland, to name just a few. Nearly 30% of alumni have worked in large domestic enterprises or in the top 500 companies around the world. Many of them are given annual pay of ¥ 200,000. The total of the alumni who have achieved success has reached 3,000.
More than 1,300 WUT students won provincial and ministerial level of competition awards in 2015. For example, WUT students got the First Prize in such important contests as the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling,  National English Contest for College Students, the National  Finance and Accounting Information Contest for College Students and the National Engineering Budgeting Software Contest for Colleges etc. Also in 2015, WUT students published more than 310 papers in various levels of journals and got more than 100 national patents. The students' personality has been demonstrated so much that quite a few stars have been emerging in WUT, like “National Merit Student”,  "Campus Writer", "Campus Inventor", "Campus Calligrapher", "Star of Innovation", "Star of Business", "Star of self-improvement", etc.
WUT tops China’s other private universities in discipline construction. WUT is approved to set up "Bioengineering" as a provincial key discipline. WUT is the only private university to possess two provincial research platforms-- Collaborative Innovation Center and Research Center for Engineering Technology of Hubei. In Hubei Province, WUT is the only one owning an approved Key Research Base on Humanities and Social Sciences ---- "Students' Caliber Education Center in Private Universities".  School of Life Science is one of the first pilot schools of this kind in Hubei. 31 projects have been approved as specialties of Provincial Specialty Comprehensive Reform Pilot and Video Competitive Public Courses , which ranks top private universities. In 2014, WUT was awarded Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base.     
WUT has been paying much attention to promoting teaching based on academic research. Its faculty has undertaken more than 160 provincial teaching and research projects, published more than 3,000 academic papers with over 150 published in the Chinese core journals and about 100 included in the five international journal searches (SCI, SSCI, EI, ISTP, AHCI). A large number of WUT teachers have won awards in the provincial teaching competition, and quite a few were given the title "Hubei Young Teaching Experts", making WUT have more chances than other private universities to deserve this honor . “Theroy and Practice on College Quality Credit System” created by WUT won the Outstanding Achievement Award of the 7th National Scientific Research of Higher Education Institution (Humanities and Social Sciences). WUT was the only private university to win the award in the field of educational studies.
V. Social Reputation
In recent years, a number of leaders and experts from domestic and foreign universities have made researches, visits and exchanges in WUT. Many of them spoke highly of its environment, characteristics and development. "Caliber-oriented Education to Success is a theoretical and practical innovation, which can act as the sample,” said Professor Zhou Mansheng, a deputy director of the Ministry of Education. "Caliber-oriented Education to Success is novel in theory, systematic in research, and operable in practice. As a national initiative, it has reached the leading level in China," commented Professor Gu Hailiang, a former President of Wuhan University.
The implementation of Caliber-oriented Education to Success has effectively promoted the education quality as well as the management level and produced an extensive influence in society. Many main media in China, such as People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Chinese Education Daily, CCTV, the Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency and PhoenixNet etc., have reported it in depth for many times.
WUT was ranked No. 144 in the four-year-programme education in the list of China’s universities in 2012, one of the only two private universities. It was Number Six, the only private university in Hubei that entered top 20 in "2011 China's National Ranking List of Private Universities". It was honored thrice as Number One of "China's Top Ten Private Universities" and thrice as Number One of "China's Top 20 Private Universities". At the same time, WUT has won many other prizes, such as "China's Top 100 Universities in Graduates' Employment Competitiveness", "China’s Top Ten Competitive Brand in Private Universities", "China's Top Private Universities in Comprehensive Strength", "China's Top Ten Private Universities in Influence","Most Potential Asian Educational Institute in the 21st Century" and “the National Characteristic Private University ” etc. WUT was also awarded the 1st of "the Strongest Brand Influnce of Private Universities " by Sina.Net, the 2nd of “ China's Top Ten Private Universities of Social Influence" by the Xinhua News Agency, the 2nd of “China's Top 10 Private Universities " by NetEase and the 3rd of “China's Top 10 Private Universities of Social Influence" by Tecent.  In 2015, WUT was presented with the awards like,“2015 Chinese Brand Awareness of Private Universities” by Sina, “2015 Chinese Private Universities of Comprehensive Strength” by Tecent and “Chinese Private Universities of Social Influence” by the Xinhua News Agency.
In addition, WUT, for more than once, has been awarded "Hubei Advanced University in Ideological and Political Education", "Hubei Organizations of Credibility", and "Hubei Outstanding Organizations of Self-discipline and Credibility".
Nationwide students are enrolled in WUT according to the local admission points on the basis of competitive selection. Students who attain required credits will get the graduation certification and those who are qualified for bachelor degree will be granted WUT diplomas. Meanwhile, they can work for a double major on campus. Among similar universities in Hubei, WUT has been taking the lead in joint training of postgraduates with relevant universities.